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Your Donations are Needed and Appreciated!

Now more than ever, we need the support from animal lovers like you. Every monthly donation will receive an Old Cowboy Animal Rescue T-Shirt. Every dollar you donate goes directly to the animals.

It currently costs about $11,000 per month to run our animal rescue and your donations are essential to keep our rescue running.

We are one of the few rescues who will never turn an animal down because of his or her medical needs. We will never “pull the plug” because a treatment is too expensive. We support our animals in every way that we can and we guarantee all our donations are used to help them.

We can accept donations through our Amazon Wish List for everyday items, Or our PayPal at Or you may mail to:

Old Cowboy Animal Rescue
5839 Elevation Rd
Benson, NC 27504


We currently have one time donations and monthly donations. There are three levels of monthly donations available: bronze, silver and gold. The bronze level is $10 per month, the silver level is $25 per month and the gold level is $50 per month.

Click the “donation buttons” below to donate using your credit card. (Please note: you will be redirected to Stripe, our secure credit card processor) to complete your donation.

You can cancel your monthly donation at any time, simply send us an email.

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