Adopting A Pet!

Thank you for considering adopting a pet! Our animals are waiting daily for their forever home. Considering adopting a pet? When you adopt a dog, a cat, a goat or even adopt a donkey, you will not only save a life but you will also find a new best friend.

Each year, millions of dogs and cats are killed in our nation’s shelters. It doesn’t have to be that way. If more families would choose to adopt a pet, instead of buying one, we could reduce the number of animals killed in shelters.

Old Cowboy Animal Rescue promotes adopt don’t shop. Animals in shelters are waiting daily for their forever home and many of them never make it out of the shelter.

Here are a few reasons for adopting a pet from Old Cowboy Animal Rescue or a local shelter:

  • You will save a life.
  • You’ll save money because adoption costs less than buying an animal from a pet shop or breeder.
  • You just might meet your best friend!

If you are interested in adopting, please contact us today! Again, thank you for considering adoption a pet! Our staff and animals at Old Cowboy Animal Rescue in Benson NC look forward to meeting you soon.

Adopt A Pet Today!

Adopt A Dog

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Adopt A Cat

Adopt A Donkey

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