Our Mission

Old Cowboy Animal Rescue mission

Old Cowboy Animal Rescue is non-profit foundation whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and provide food, shelter and loving care to neglected, abused, abandoned and homeless animals and help them find their forever home. We also strive to educate individuals, families and the community on the importance of spay and neutering and stopping the cycle of abuse and neglect. Located in Benson, North Carolina.

We are a non profit rescue in Benson NC. Making a difference in the lives of animals.

Our Team

our team

Old Cowboy Animal Rescue started with a group of friends with big hearts and big dreams to make a difference in the lives of abused, abandoned & homeless animals. We hope to educate others that ”shelter dogs and cats” have so much to offer and so much life and love to give. There are no paid positions within Old Cowboy Animal Rescue. The work comes from volunteers and a small dedicated staff. We appreciate our volunteers! Without their dedication and support we would be limited on what we do! Countless hours of networking, transporting, donating time, donating money and making items for our fundraisers are just some of the many many things our volunteers do. Thank you for helping make a difference!

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